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Who is LendMeFunds.ca?


Lendmefunds.ca is a payday loan/cash advance matching service for Ontario, Vancouver, and throughout Canada. We help individuals find a loan with one easy application, rather than them applying for multiple loans and likely getting denied a few times. We are not the lender; rather we work closely with them to match you with the lender that fits your needs most appropriately. Lenders will contact you directly via email or telephone, so once you submit standby for timely assistance.


Lendmefunds.ca will not be able to provide any information regarding loan repayment, schedules, annual percentage rates, fees or any other specific terms regarding the loan. Please contact us at the number listed above. We know how unexpected expenses can occur, and our goal is to be a safe and trusted source to get the funds you need. Again, we do encourage all users to borrow responsibly. For a more thorough breakdown of borrowing, costs, repayment expectations, and APR (annual percentage rate), please head to our How It Works page.


The 3 simple steps on how to get a loan

Fill in the Loan application form

Fill in the Loan application form

Once you submit your information, we will quickly work with multiple lenders and find the right loan for you and your financial picture. We are good at what we do, and you'll have an offer in no time.

Get Instantly approved

Get Instantly approved

Once we have matched you with a lender, they will take over the loan process from that point. They will contact you within the hour, to complete the loan application and negotiate the terms of the loan.

Get Your Funds

Get Your Funds

After the loan process is completed with you and the lender, funds are electronically deposited into your bank account. It's that fast, and easy.



Whether you are in between paychecks, have unexpected car repairs, or just need some quick cash, LendMeFunds.ca will help you find the cash you need! Do you live in Vancouver, Ontario, or anywhere else in Canada? Give us a try.

What we do:

Lendmefunds.ca is here to provide you with a quick, simple, and absolutely zero-cost lender-matching service. We are NOT the lender, rather upon receiving your application, we will search our sophisticated network of lenders, to MATCH you with the lender who best meets your individual, short-term financial needs. After completing our quick, simple application, you will be contacted by regarding your request within the hour.

To be eligible:

  • Be a citizen or resident of Canada
  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must be currently employed
  • You must have an active bank account

Fees and charges:

Specific terms of the loan, repayment schedules, annual percentage rates (APR) will all be negotiated with you by the LENDER. An example of repayment terms:

If You Borrow You Pay Back
$100 $125
$200 $250
$300 $375
$400 $500
$500 $625
$600 $750
$750 $937.50


There is no option to extend or renew the loan. It is recommended that customers only borrow what they can realistically afford to pay back in full within 31 days. Lenders will consider the ability to repay in determining whether to lend to a particular individual.

But the APR seems high:

While we do not provide the actual loans, but merely provide you the lender (in Vancouver, Ontario, and throughout Canada), the regulations that govern and guide the behavior of financial institutions such as payday lending firms clearly state that it is our duty to provide to you the Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

Though our APR may initially seem high, our APR is considerably lower in contrast to other payday loan lenders. Loans from our competitors in Vancouver, Ontario, and throughout Canada START at 1355% APR.

Additionally misleading is that APR's are normally used to calculate interest and fees on a loan for an entire year. Typically APR's are better served to mortgages and credit card financing services and do not suit cash loans such as this, where you are repaying the loan in full in a matter of weeks. The lenders we will match you with will generally provide a loan term of 31 days.

An example of just how misleading using an APR to represent fees can be:

  • If you borrow $100 at 300% APR and repay in equal installments over a twelve (12) month period, you will have repaid over $322 dollars!!
  • On the other hand, if you borrow $100 at 300% APR and pay it in full within one (1) month you will only repay $125.

For this reason, we place more importance on the amount you pay back rather than the APR. Additionally, we must recommend that all loans issued in Vancouver, Ontario and throughout Canada be repaid in full within 31 days, since this is the optimal design for this loan system and will allow you to take advantage of our competitive rates.

Late or non-payments:

Additional fees will occur if you do not repay your loan on the set payday or choose (which can be as high as $60 per failed payment). In addition to non-payment fees, legal action may also be taken, and details will be reported to a consumer credit agency.

Have a question? If you're located in Vancouver, Ontario, or anywhere else in Canada, give us a call at 1 855 377-0256.